Ok, I'm on Tumblr once more, this time I will only watch my close friends and share what they do and not what they share if you see what I mean ! Feel free to ask me stuff, I won't bite, I swear !
Was there something or someone in your early art days that had a profound impact on the artist you are today? Do you still see that influence in your work?

Njay had a deep impact on my work (because he kinda push me to go forward) and I have also 2 - 3 artists that are kinda unknown (Japanese ones). Cipher Lee does also have an impact on my work (the cell shading) now but still bunch of my friend / artist still have~


If you’re having a bad day here are a few baby animal pictures which surely should cheer you up!  :D



It’d be cool to get asks or get tagged in something cool.

Guess I’m boring


The sneak peek designs by Eiichiro Oda for the upcoming One Piece “3D2Y” special. I’m loving thug-life version Luffy though.


Sometimes i feel sexy and stuff like “hey babe”

but well the reality is that i cant be sexy XD

Dork /w/





ew gross i drew a personal comic

I relate to this IMMENSELY.

This is correct in every way. This is literally every day of my life.

The feels and relatability just slapped me square in the face.